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Two Killed, Nine Injured in Cancun Bar Shootings

A group of gunmen fired into two separate bars in Cancun killing two people and injuring nine others. The shooting attack comes as the region is experiencing a wave of violence linked to a cartel turf war leaving tourists caught in the middle.

Cancun Shooting

Gunmen Kidnap, Kill Journalist in Western Mexico—10th in 2022

Gunmen kidnapped and killed a well-respected journalist in western Mexico and later left his body in a rural area wrapped in plastic. The murder marks the 10th of its kind in 2022 and 34th during President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador first term of office.

Sinaloa Police

Texas Democrat Border County Judge Invites Biden to Visit Before Title 42 Decision

A Democrat border county judge in Texas invited President Joe Biden to visit his region before making a decision on Title 42 and related policies. The Texas politician had largely avoided commenting on the heated border issues even though his county is one of the hardest hit by the current migration crisis.

Migrants released by Border Patrol in McAllen, Texas, wait in line to enter an overcrowded Catholic Charities shelter (Photo: Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

Sicarios Matan a Policía Durante Secuestro en Estado Fronterizo

Un grupo de sicarios del Cartel del Golfo mató a una oficial de policía del estado fronterizo e hirió a otra oficial en un tiroteo durante un secuestro, a solo unas millas al sur de la frontera con Texas. El secuestro estuvo relacionado con el contrabando ilegal de inmigrantes a Texas.

Border State Shooting

Cartel Commander Linked to Mexican Governor’s Murder Dies in Shootout

A top commander with one of Mexico’s most violent cartels died over the weekend after a shootout with authorities. The cartel figure is one of several named in the investigation of the December 2020 assassination of former Jalisco Governor Aristoteles Sandoval.

Mexican Army

Texas Border Communities Brace for Massive Migrant Surge as Title 42 Ending Nears

Communities along the Texas border with Mexico are bracing for a massive surge of migrants that are expected to arrive after the Biden administration implements the end of Title 42 removals. Local and county officials claim they will need the federal government to step up and help as the number of migrants arriving in their cities is expected to grow exponentially.

Border Patrol agents apprehend 2,200 migrants over the new year's weekend. (U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

Mexican Governors, Abbott Ink Deals to Close New Texas Border Checkpoints

Three Mexican governors signed an agreement with Texas Governor Greg Abbott and a fourth accord is imminent to end additional vehicle inspections at ports. The deals are contingent on Mexican authorities improving their security operations to curb human smuggling and drug trafficking.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks during a news conference where he provided an update to Texas' response to COVID-19, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Texas Border City Mayor Asks Biden to Keep Title 42 amid COVID Variant

The mayor of one of the largest border cities in Texas sent a letter to President Joe Biden, asking him to reconsider keeping the Title 42 policies set to end on May 23. The request by the Texas politician comes as the U.S. sees a rise in the coronavirus BA.2 variant.

McAllen, Texas Mayor Javier Villalobos on 8/6/2021 "Fox Business Tonight"

Sicarios Queman Camiones en Puente Internacional Tras Inspecciones de Abbott

Un grupo de sicarios del Cártel Del Golfo prendió fuego a tres camiones con trailers afuera de un puente internacional. El incendio de los vehículos sucede en un momento en que los camioneros y los políticos de ambos lados de la frontera han estado protestando por una serie de inspecciones ordenadas por el gobernador de Texas por la próxima eliminación de las deportaciones de inmigración del Título 42.

Reynosa burned truck

Mexican Cartel Gunmen Torch Trucks at Border Port to Protest New Texas Checkpoints

Cartel gunmen set fire to three tractor-trailers outside an international port of entry Wednesday to protest Texas’ rollout of new border enforcement programs ahead of Title 42’s cancellation. The torching comes at a time when truckers and politicians on both sides of the border oppose additional vehicle inspections ordered by Governor Greg Abbott.

Reynosa burned truck

Journalist Murdered in Mexico — 9th in 2022

Gunmen shot and killed the director of a local news outlet in western Mexico, marking the ninth of its kind in 2022. The homicide follows weeks after shooters killed one of his staff.

Murdered Journalist Michoacan

Capo en Lista de los Más buscado por la DEA Detrás de Sangrientas Ejecuciones en Sonora

Un antiguo narcotraficante mexicano responsable del asesinato de un agente federal de Estados Unidos en 1985, está detrás del reciente aumento de violencia en el noroeste de México, justo al sur de Arizona. El capo de la droga se encuentra actualmente en la lista de los más buscados de la Administración de Control de Drogas de los Estados Unidos.

Rafael Caro Quintero

GRAPHIC: 22 Injured in Mexican Riot Over Soccer Team

Nearly two dozen spectators were injured in a large-scale riot at a professional soccer game in Central Mexico. Hundreds of people took to the field and rushed the stands to attack supporters of the opposing team.


Cops Arrest 22 Sinaloa Cartel Members in Mexican State Bordering Texas

Police arrested 22 members of the Sinaloa Cartel, including a regional leader, who were operating in the Monterrey metropolitan area this week. In recent months, the border state of Nuevo Leon has become the latest front of a fierce turf war as the cartel tries to expand its territories.

Monterrey Raid 2