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Hockey Legends Have Passion For Helping Hero Dogs

An incredible organization that helps some of our cutest veterans find new homes is getting a boost from some top sports stars. The Warrior Dog Foundation transitions working K9s from active service to retirement. The group provides mental and physical rehab to Military Working Dogs, as well as Contract Working Dogs and Law Enforcement K9s.

Hero Dog

Special Birthday Wishes From Sarah Palin To ‘BFF’ Walker Evans

Hall of Fame driver Walker Evans received a special birthday wish this week from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. On Instagram, Palin wrote: “Happy Birthday to my BFF! Life is a million times better since The Legend Walker Evans entered mine!’.

Off Road

Scholla: Forget Baseball, Obama’s Favorite Pastime May Just Be Palin Bashing

In Barack Obama’s soon to be released memoir “A Promised Land”, the former president makes multiple references to sports. Obama mentions baseball great Jackie Robinson, he touches upon his own love of basketball, and he speaks of never learning to sail “despite having grown up in Hawaii”. But, this book clearly shows us that Obama’s favorite pastime may just be bashing President Trump and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.


Scholla: Lenny Dykstra Calls Out Former Teammate Dale Murphy and His ‘Antifa Mob’ Son

Dale Murphy was a two-time National League Most Valuable Player. Last week he played the role of another kind of MVP, a most vocal progressive. The former Atlanta Braves star is apparently a left-wing activist nowadays and while most of his work seems to be done behind the keyboard, Murphy has some family right in the thick of the chaos.

Lenny Dykstra

Scholla: Two Years with No Arrests and Lenny Dykstra Is Celebrating in Grand Style

Bored during quarantine time? Lenny Dykstra to the rescue. The former MLB star is celebrating two years being arrest-free and he wants you to join the party. Dykstra talked about the big anniversary for weeks on social media, then commemorated the milestone with a raucous appearance on the popular podcast, Crime In Sports.

Lenny Dykstra

Former Nordiques Players Encourage Quebec Fans to Keep Fighting for NHL Team

Many NHL fans miss their teams. It’s been two months since the league suspended its season due to the Chinese coronavirus. Hockey lovers feel the void. Now, imagine being a fan of the Quebec Nordiques. The current stoppage of play is nothing to them. Fans in Quebec City haven’t seen their team skate in a quarter-century. If you ask former players, it is time for that to change.

Quebec Nordiques

Handicap Match: WWE Stars, Fans Gang Up on Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey sure gets a lot of attention from the comfort of her own home. The WWE star is a polarizing figure these days. But, while detractors take cheap shots at Rousey via social media, The Baddest Woman On The Planet fights back with facts.

Ronda Rousey

Pro Wrestling Boosts Americans During Pandemic

We know. You say it’s ‘fake’. Not to Brock Lesnar’s face, but with your fantasy football pals you say these things. You say it’s not a ‘sport’. You say this, even though decorated Olympians and professional athletes from other sports are all over the roster. You say “I will never watch that”. Well, if you’re a member of this crowd, perhaps you won’t budge.

Pro Wrestling

New York Guardians Players, Fans Disappointed by XFL Shutdown

Sad news for football players and fans alike, as the XFL made the announcement no one wanted to hear on Friday. Pointing to the virus pandemic, the league suspended all operations and laid off virtually all of its employees.

Michael Owens_Getty Images

Ronda Rousey: Stay the F*ck Home

In a tweet referencing the Bible, and then in another more fiery tweet, Ronda Rousey made it perfectly clear about where she stands when it comes to the idea of staying home during the current pandemic. The WWE star did not mince words.

Ronda Rousey