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Virgil: When Wokeness Damages Democrats

An emphasis on distributing power according to ethnic and sexual categories is likely to boomerang at the ballot box for woke Democrats.

Tammy Duckworth / DNC August 20, 2020

Virgil: The Deep State Becomes the Obvious State

Anti-Trump Deep Statists are still veiled behind their anonymity, but they are speaking more loudly and assertively through their pals in the media and in social media. 

US President Donald Trump speaks about tax reform at the Indiana Farm Bureau building on the Indiana State Fairgrounds September 27, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana. / AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski (Photo credit should read BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Virgil: Reparations for Everyone — What Do We Do if We’re All Victims and Victimizers?

As we seek to chronicle everything, we can pause to observe that at one time or another—oftentimes, in fact, for thousands of years—virtually every society on the planet has been a slave-holding society. Indeed, it’s entirely possible that just about every human being on the planet today is the descendant both of slaves, and of slave-holders.  

The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre (August 23, 1572) in Paris, France (painting by François Dubois)

Virgil: Infrastructure, Finally

The stars are aligning for a major infrastructure bill. President Donald Trump is in favor of it, top Democrats are supportive—and even significant voices in the media are on the train.

CHARLESTON, WV - MAY 05: Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump shos off a hard hat during hie rally at the Charleston Civic Center on May 5, 2016 in Charleston, West Virginia. Trump became the Republican presumptive nominee following his landslide win in indiana on Tuesday.(Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images)

Virgil: Rep. Thomas Massie vs. America 

On March 27, the object of presidential ire was Massie, who took it upon himself to delay passage of the CARES Act, the lifeline the economy needs in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.  

Thomas Massie

Virgil: The Soros ‘Woke Capital’ Empire Strikes Back

The billionaires convened at Davos, Switzerland, are getting all the attention this week, but behind the scenes, the Deep State of the European Union is tireless in its efforts to undermine populist nationalist governments on behalf of George Soros’ “Woke Capital” empire.

George Soros, Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations arrives for a meeting in Brussels, on April 27, 2017.