TN Gov. Bill Lee Slams Biden Infrastructure Spending — ‘Going to Kill Jobs’

During a Monday interview with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Gov. Bill Lee (R) blasted President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

Lee warned that since the plan will be raising taxes on small businesses and job creators to pay for itself, it is going “kill jobs.” He also pointed out that only five percent of Biden’s plan is designated for infrastructure.

“Well, it isn’t an awful lot of money, but besides the cost, there [are] a couple of things that are really concerning to me,” Lee outlined. “One, it’s touted as a jobs plan, but you will raise taxes on small businesses and job creators across this country by 30 percent to pay for this over the next 15 years. It’s going to kill jobs. And raising taxes on businesses after the year that we’ve just had, that’s very concerning. And then, it is an infrastructure plan, but I think five percent of it is spent on roads and bridges. We all want roads and bridges, but this is not the plan to do it.”

“We do need infrastructure, but, you know, we’re a state that has fiscally managed our budget for decades,” he added. “We pay for roads as we go. You know, we have a billion and a half in a rainy day fund and a billion in our unemployment trust fund. And this year, we’re investing $200 million in broadband expansion with state dollars. The reason we can do that is because our economy is working; we kept our businesses open. We are actually proposing a tax cut to our citizens this year. That’s the way fiscal responsibility should work. And states can do that across the country if they manage their budgets well.”

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