RNC Chair McDaniel: Majority Black Atlanta Being Hurt Based on Biden’s Lie

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America Reports” that President Joe Biden’s lie about the new Georgia voting law was hurting the majority Black city of Atlanta because Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game after the president’s encouragement.

McDaniel said, “It’s hard to watch with the hypocrisy we are seeing Major League Baseball. I think the governor said it so well. You know who’s getting hurt? The little person. Atlanta, the majority-black city, those hotdog vendors and hotels these businesses that have been decimated by the pandemic, they are hurting the little guy based on a lie by President Joe Biden who lied about the specifics of this law which has been amplified by his big tech friends and media allies they lied. You know what’s funny? Their Twitter account hasn’t been suspended. They are still on Facebook. They are allowed to lie to the American people come hurt small businesses, and continue to move forward. It’s a total hypocrisy compared to how Republicans would be treated in the same situation.”

She added, “They are spreading this information and not reading this law. It’s common sense we should have IDs to vote, and we should be able to show our ID and say who we are. You have to show an ID to get into Delta Air Lines. You have to show an ID to get your will-call tickets in Major League Baseball game so, why are they fighting this? I think more than anything. They are trying to set an example for other states so they don’t pass election reforms that strengthen our elections. This is the mob, this cancel culture, and the Democrats are rolling all the aspects of this country. They are trying to silence the Republican Party or anybody who defends with them. It’s frightening because freedom does matter in this country, and we can have the freedom to disagree and not punish people in bully them and destroy their livelihood. That’s exactly what President Biden just did to all these businesses in Atlanta that aren’t going to see income coming in and are going to see those vendor stands, getting that money from those patrons at that baseball game. That’s what is happening with that mob rule and this cancel culture, and it’s destroying our country. You think it’s not coming for you? It will come to you next, and that’s why we have to stand up to it now.”

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