Rick Scott: Dems Want to Pack the Court Because They Know We’re Going to Take Back House, Senate in 2022

Friday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) reacted to the Democrats introducing a bill to add four justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to Scott, the push to pack the court is a “power grab” because the Democrats know the GOP is “going to take the House back and the Senate back” in 2022.

“[T]hey know what they’re doing,” Scott stated. “This is just part of the Democrat power grab. You know, they want to pack the Supreme Court so they can get some activist judges that are going back their, you know, insane left-wing agenda. They want to get rid of the filibuster because they, oh, gosh, they didn’t get 51 votes in the last election, so they need to be able to, you know, get rid of the filibuster so they can try to pass their radical agenda. … Look, they are trying to make D.C. a statehood. This is all about power for the Democrats. You know, their election bill is about power for the Democrats. The using reconciliation to pass massive spending that’s going to bankrupt this country, this is all about their power. And by the way, they know that the public is not in favor of this, so they’re going to ram this through as fast as they can because they know in 2022 we are going to take the House back and the Senate back.”

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