GOP Rep. Nehls Slams Kamala Harris for Not Visiting Border — Doesn’t Want to Hear What a ‘Horrible Job’ She’s Doing

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) ripped Vice President Kamala Harris for delaying her visit to the United States’ border with Mexico amid the ongoing immigration crisis. Harris, who President Joe Biden put in charge of the border crisis, has used the excuse of “COVID issues” for not visiting the border yet.

Nehls pointed out COVID has not stopped Harris from “jet-setting around this country going to all the different blue states.” He then said the vice president just does not want to hear from people working at the border that she is “doing a horrible job” fixing the problem at the border.

“That’s the excuse that this administration is going to use, and look at her. She has been jet-setting around this country, going to all the different blue states talking about this infrastructure plan and everything else. So, no, this isn’t COVID, Kamala, and you know it. You just don’t want to visit the southern border because you know what you are going to hear. You are going to hear from the Border Patrol, the Department of Public Safety, immigration, small-town mayors, and everyone that lives along that southern border that you are doing a horrible job. You are in complete denial, and you need to fix the southern border. That’s what she would hear if she visited it. So, she is going to use the excuse, like everything else — COVID.”

He added, “I just think that it is a poor excuse, but what else was she going to say? She has got to come up with some excuse, and COVID just seems to be the word of the day every day and probably for the next several weeks or months. They don’t know how to handle this, quite honestly.”

Nehls also urged Harris to call former President Donald Trump and ask him how to solve the border problem.

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