Hillary Clinton: After Pandemic Americans Are Ready for Biden’s ‘Big, Bold’ Government Programs

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Friday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that after the coronavirus pandemic, Americans were ready to embrace President Joe Biden’s “big, bold” spending proposals.

Host Joy Reid said, “So back to the big, very big plans that President Biden has put forward. You know, you have lived through a few administrations, having served in them and having been in the White House for your husband’s administration. What do you make of the scale of what President Biden is trying to do? The scale of what he’s had to deal with on COVID, and what he’s trying to do getting beyond the COVID relief bill and these pretty huge plans. And of where we’ve come from the Reagan area, where he could even propose such a thing.”

Clinton said, “Well, look, you have to govern in the time in which you find yourself. And I think that what President Biden fully understands is that the American people, having gone through COVID, having seen not only the ravages that this has left with so many families and so many dead, but also the economic consequences, that all of a sudden the American people and the polls seem to reflect this, joy, not just Democrats, but Independents and Republicans alike, are saying, ‘You know, you know what, you’re right. We do need more from your government. We do need a bigger investment in our families, our communities, our economy, our country, in terms of jobs and help for families and particularly children.’ So I think that you know, President Biden’s been around a long time, and one of the advantages of having seen the ups and downs is that he has a pretty good understanding of what the political ecosystem will bear. I think he’s made a good bet that the people are ready for, you know, some big, bold moves, and he’s trying to put that forward.”

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