MSNBC’s Melber: Cheney Ouster All to Appease the ‘Deceitful Vanity’ of ‘One Blogger in Florida’

MSNBC anchor Ari Melber said Wednesday on his show “The Beat” that the ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from Republican House leadership was “all to appease one blogger in Florida,” referencing former President Donald Trump.

Melber said, “Today, House Republicans purged Liz Cheney from their leadership. Her party will be going down by picking Trump’s lies over the constitution itself.”

He continued, “This vote marks an inflection point for this post-Trump era we’re living through together. What began last November when voters soundly rejected Donald Trump and what boiled over on January 6th when his supporters waged a violent but futile insurrection to try to end our democracy has now, I can report for you today, landed on May 12th with a new standard for House Republican Leadership in the United States of America. It’s important that we all understand this. They now have officially a zero-tolerance policy for leaders who accurately rebut Donald Trump’s election lies.”

Melber said, “Today’s vote was a fully secret vote which is an obvious sign of political weakness all to appease one blogger in Florida. Individual Republicans didn’t want to put their names on reversing their position and ousting and purging Cheney. They don’t want to actually tell us how many of them want to basically ensure the party is this narrow. How bad is it for them? Well, everybody knows this is about Cheney standing up to Trump on one topic — that he lost. Nobody thinks this is about the size of government or state health care subsidies. Nobody in either party thinks that. I know there’s a lot of lying going on, but everyone understands what this fight was about and what this vote today means.”

He added, “Today is important and will actually be marked in the history books as a measurable turning point for this troubled party because it wasn’t about those things. Because it’s about the Florida blogger. It’s about his ego, his need to dominate even out of office, and the deceitful vanity of getting millions and millions of people to pretend you won because you can’t handle being the loser of the 2020 race, because that’s what you are, whether you have a new blog or not.”

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