MSNBC Reid: Republicans ‘Terrified’ of Slavery Truth Because Can’t Hold ‘Two Ideas in Their Heads at the Same Time’

MSNBC host Joy Reid said Tuesday on “The Beat” that Republicans are terrified that Americans can’t handle the truth about the Founders being slave-owners because they are not intelligent enough to understand people can be “villainess” and also do great things.

Discussing the 1619 Project, Reid said, “The right is in this war to suppress information. They’re so terrified that Americans can’t handle the truth about the Founders. It’s kind of ipso facto. No kidding, these people were doing fine from 16, 19 on until the 18th century. What changed? Well, they made a lot of money. They were enjoying the fruits of their labor and didn’t want to share it with the king. This is not going to crush too many Americans that have half a brain and enough security to understand that people can be villainess and also do a few things that are great.”

She added, “I think most Americans are mature enough, but unfortunately, the Republican Party is not mature enough to be able to hold those two ideas in their heads at the same time, so they are panicking. What’s happening is Black people. We are not interested in the BS any longer. We are not going to take your pabulum version of history. We are not going to take your sing-song storybook history. We want the truth. And it’s not just Black folks, a lot of young folks are of all races are saying give us the truth, stop treating us as if we are not enough to handle it.”

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