McCaskill: Trump Is Now ‘Looney Tunes’ — He Is Taking GOP ‘Down Crazy Lane’

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) said Monday on MSNBC ‘s “Deadline” that former President Donald Trump was “now looney tunes.”

Discussing Trump’s speech Saturday at a Phoenix rally, McCaskill said, “This guy is now looney tunes. He was bad before. I’m not playing the tape, but I watched some of it. And this whole rant, he has this new rant about the routers, that are just crazy. Clearly has no idea what a router is. He doesn’t have any idea what it does. Somebody just said something about the routers, and it has, of course, been debunked thoroughly that somehow the votes were switched on the internet. It’s so nutty.”

She continued, “He went on and on. this is all about the routers. They’re riding the routers. He mentioned the word router like 11 times in two minutes. Like he found a new best friend, and it was the routers that they can’t get. There are lots of reasons, one. They’re being used. Two, if they had to pull them out, it would be very expensive. Three, they’ve been checked, and everybody knows that there wasn’t some satellite that came in through the internet and switched votes. This has been debunked by every credible source out there.”

McCaskill added, “I really wish somebody would play that tape of Trump losing it, looney tunes, and make the Republican caucus in the Senate watch it with a camera on them. And then put a microphone in front of their mouths and go, ‘What do you think? Is this your guy? Is this the guy? Is this the guy that you’re losing it over? I mean, it’s just amazing to me that these people I know well, that are smart, intelligent, many of them have a kind heart even though I disagree with them on a lot of stuff, that they are silently watching this guy take them down crazy lane. It’s unbelievable.”

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