Scarborough: DeSantis, Cruz, Trump Engaging in ‘Phony Populism’ — ‘So Insulting’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday slammed “Ivy League snobs” such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and former President Donald Trump for “playing dopes” and engaging in “phony populism.”

Scarborough said the act by those GOP lawmakers was “so insulting.”

“DeSantis, like, you know, I just want DeSantis — if he runs for president — like, he’s so stupid. He plays so stupid, this Yale and Harvard guy. They’ve got signs popping up in Florida that says, ‘Make Florida America Again.’ It doesn’t even make any sense,” Scarborough mocked, adding he wants a sign with DeSantis sporting a dunce cap.

He continued, “Trump, I don’t know how his dad got him into school, but his dad got into Penn. And then you have got DeSantis, Yale, and Harvard. You have Ted [Cruz], Princeton and Harvard. … I mean, all these guys that are playing dopes on television, like you said, it is so insulting, this populist game they play. It is insulting.”

Scarborough called the “phony populism” a “sham.” He argued that Trump was the “worst” of the offenders because he just wanted to help billionaires and large corporations “escape taxes.”

“It has nothing to do with ideology,” he added. “It has everything to do with illiberalism. It has everything to do with them doing this phony, populist game. And while they’re doing the phony, populist game, they’re helping billionaires, and they’re helping multi-national corporations escape taxes.”

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