Former Fox News Host Eboni K. Williams Uses ‘Real Housewives of New York’ Debut to Promote Black Lives Matter


Former Fox News host Eboni K. Williams made her debut on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York on Tuesday, using the occasion to promote Black Lives Matter and the Central Park Five.

During her introductory scene in Tuesday’s episode, Eboni K. Williams wore a mask featuring the words “Black Lives Matter” and an image of a raised fist. She also wore a sweatshirt featuring the names of the Central Park Five — the five men who were first accused then exonerated in the Central Park jogger rape case.

“I like your mask,” co-star Leah McSweeney reportedly said.

“Thank you, baby. Yeah, I love this mask, but I hate this mask,” Williams replied.

Williams is the first black cast member in the history of the long-running Bravo reality show, now in its 13th season. In a recent interview, she said she felt honored that producers chose her.

“Listen, they could have picked anybody. New York is full of incredible black women and women of color, so for me to be the first in this space, it’s a huge honor,” Williams said during an appearance at Paley’s Pop Culture and the Power of Reality TV With Andy Cohen.

“It’s a responsibility, one I’m keenly aware of. I don’t represent just myself on this show, I represent black women in totality. Can I be all black women all the time? Of course not, it’s a fool errand, right? But I definitely do my best to show up in a way that offers a glimpse into the lens of what a black person in New York might be experiencing.”

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