Oprah Winfrey Network Drama ‘Queen Sugar’ Rants About ‘Modern Day Forms of Slavery’ in American


The drama series Queen Sugar — which airs on the Oprah Winfrey Network, owned by the media mogul whose net worth comes in at an estimated $2.6 billion — showed a college student who refers to his social justice concerns such as “voter suppression” and “discrimination” as “modern-day forms of slavery.”

The episode, titled “They Would Bloom and Welcome You,” which aired on October 26 shows Micah West (Nicholas L. Ashe) argues during an apparent class project that “redlining, voter suppression, school defunding, employment discrimination, loan discrimination, mass incarceration” are “modern-day forms of slavery.”

When his professor challenges him by saying that his “list” of grievances is merely “evidence of a flawed system,” rather than slavery, West retorts, “Perhaps, but not every system is designed to subjugate a specific group of people.”

West says “the structures” of “the system” are “designed to keep a people out of neighborhoods, out of government, out of education, out of the workforce, and in some instances, out of society and in prisons.”

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Earlier this year, the show smeared “heterosexual cisgendered white males” as beneficiaries of a corrupt social system that oppresses minorities.

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The political messaging the series spews seem to echo the beliefs pushed by Winfrey. The media mogul has castigated the U.S. as suffering from “systemic racism” and flush with “white privilege.”
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