Merkel ‘Not at All Worried About Britain’, Brits ‘Will Get Back on a Good Course’ Post-Brexit


(AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she expects that Britain will find its own way after leaving the European Union and there are no grounds for arrogance toward the country.

Merkel didn’t address details of the current Brexit impasse during an appearance in Frankfurt on Thursday. She said that “they will get back on a good course, I am not at all worried about Britain. We must see that we, in our own interest, have good relations with this country, and any form of arrogance is completely inappropriate there.”

Merkel was asked if failings on the European side had contributed to Britain’s current problems. She acknowledged that mistakes might have been made in continental Europe but noted that “since the day Britain joined the European Union, this discussion about ‘do we want this or don’t we?’ has continued to smoulder.”

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