Lib Dem Leader Pushing for No Brexit, Gender Neutral Schools Loses Seat

David Cheskin/Getty Images

Liberal Democrats leader Jo Swinson has lost her seat in the House of Commons, after pushing policies including overturning Brexit without even a second referendum and allowing people to change gender at will.

Swinson, who said that the results of the snap general election — which all point to Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party winning its largest parliamentary majority since Margaret Thatcher’s last election in the 1980s — would bring “dread and dismay” to many after a rival candidate from the left-separatist Scottish National Party (SNP) unseated her.

The Liberal Democrats had arguably the most extreme European policy of any of the major political parties, campaigning on a platform of simply revoking the Article 50 process which was triggered after the British people voted to Leave the European Union and cancelling Brexit entirely.

Swinson also attempted to court the so-called “progressive” vote — such as it is — with a series of radical policies on gender, which included allowing people to “self-identify” as male, female, or “non-binary” at will with no medical oversight, putting a “Gender X” option on passports, and forcing all schools to adopt “gender neutral” uniforms.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was caught on camera cheering and pumping her fists after Ms Swinson was “scalped”, despite the two politicians having much the same views on Brexit, social issues, mass immigration, and most everything besides Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom.

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