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Migrants Wait for Border Patrol on Texas Golf Course

EAGLE PASS, Texas — On Wednesday, a group of migrants crossed the Rio Grande hoping to surrender to authorities near downtown. They were met by municipal golf course employees who told the migrants to stay in a shaded spot. In one of the busiest areas for migrant crossings in the city, they waited nearly an hour for Border Patrol agents to arrive.


Operation Lone Star Nets 5K Criminal Arrests, 1500 Firearms near Texas Border

EAGLE PASS, Texas — On Wednesday, a Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol helicopter scanned outbound trains as troopers assisted on the ground. A plume of dust created by the hovering aircraft evidenced the daily check for migrants leaving the city. The border security task, once exclusively performed by federal authorities, has become routine for state troopers under Operation Lone Star.

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New Texas Law Eases Burden in Prosecuting Human Smugglers

A new Texas law makes it easier to prosecute human smugglers by removing the requirement to prove the intent to obtain a “pecuniary benefit.” The bill also makes it a 3rd Degree Felony to “assist, guide, or direct” migrants to enter or remain on agricultural land without the consent of the owner.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents arrest three Chinese migrants and an alleged human smuggler near Madero, Texas. (Photo: Bob Price/Breitbart Texas)

Mexican Feds Scatter Four Migrant Caravans in One Week

On Saturday, for the fourth time in a week, migrants attempted to leave the southern Mexican border state of Chiapas as a caravan. The group, estimated to be 400 to 500 strong, was bound for the United States. Mexican Immigration and National Guard troops broke up the three previous groups and were successful with the fourth iteration by early Sunday morning.

Migrants heading to the border with Guatemala on their way to the United States, march in La Entrada, in the Honduran department of Copan, on January 15, 2021. - Hundreds of asylum seekers are forming new migrant caravans in Honduras, planning to walk thousands of kilometers through Central America to …