John Sununu: Kasich Is the Man to Beat Trump

Republican presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich speaks to the media in the spin room at the Republican National Committee Presidential Primary Debate at the University of Houston's Moores School of Music Opera House on February 25, 2016 in Houston, Texas.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Former New Hampshire Senator John Sununu, a surrogate for Republican presidential contender John Kasich, appeared on Breitbart News Daily Monday morning, making the case for the Ohio governor’s nomination on the Republican ticket.

“Every poll has shown that he runs far stronger against Hillary Clinton than everyone else in the race,” Sununu said of calls for Gov. Kasich to drop out and get behind a conservative candidate

The media has never been a friend of the Republican party, the former New Hampshire senator added, blaming Fox for effectively “promoting Donald Trump … they’re debasing the Republican Party.”

The debate process is damaging to the GOP, as “networks don’t have the same interests as” conservatives and Republicans, he explained. “Whether it’s CNN, ABC, NBC, or FOX … they’ve decided they’re in it for the entertainment, they’re in it for the ratings, and they just want to go with the narrative of Donald Trump. It’s unfortunate for the country. It’s terrible for Republicans.”

“John Kasich has cut taxes and balanced budgets wherever he’s gone,” Sununu said of Kasich’s leadership credentials. “Five billion in tax cuts in Ohio, creating 400,000 jobs.

“The media would like to coronate Donald Trump. I think that would be a travesty for conservatives, for the Republican party,” Sununu opined.

Sununu said that the polls show Kasich beats Trump in Ohio and Michigan. “We’ve gotta see who can beat Donald Trump in a winner-take-all state,” he said.

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