Hillary Clinton Wins Louisiana Democrat Primary

Hillary Wins Louisiana AP Julie Jacobson
AP/Julie Jacobson

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has won the Louisiana Democrat Primary, according to projections.

Right as the polls in Louisiana closed on Super Saturday evening, Hillary Clinton was projected unanimously by major networks to easily win the Louisiana Democratic Presidential Primary.

The latest Louisiana poll estimated that Clinton would win the primary by 47 percentage points.

Her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), continues to struggle mightily in the south. Clinton has won the states of Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina by massive margins.

“I am thrilled we’re adding to our pledged delegate count. I’m grateful to everyone who turned out to support us,” Clinton said in a speech from Detroit as polls closed.

She thanked supporters and pledged to bring back “inclusive economics” and “inclusive” politics. Clinton called for a Supreme Court that makes it easier to expand union powers and the ability to vote without having to show identification. She added, “We have allowed our politics to be hijacked by extreme ideologues in state governments all over the country.”

In borrowing from the “Make America Great Again” phrase popularized by GOP candidate Donald Trump, Clinton advised that the nation needs to “make America whole” again.

She tweeted shortly thereafter:


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