Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Thanks Trump: You Are a True Leader and What the Military Needs

SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 02:R, Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher celebrates with his wife Andrea after being acquitted of premeditated murder at Naval Base San Diego July 2, 2019 in San Diego, California. Gallagher was found not guilty in the killing of a wounded Islamic State captive in …
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Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher thanked President Donald Trump for intervening in his case on Sunday and prohibiting the Navy from pulling his Trident pin and essentially kicking him out of the SEALs.

“President Donald Trump, you have my deepest gratitude and thanks. You stepped in numerous times and showed true moral fiber by correcting all the wrongs that were being done to me. You are a true leader and exactly what this military and this nation needs. God bless you and your family,” Eddie Gallagher said in a statement to Fox News’s Pete Hegseth.

Gallagher was charged with the murder of an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighter and other war crimes but was acquitted of all counts except one related to taking a photo with the deceased ISIS fighter.

The Navy reduced Gallagher in rank from chief petty officer to senior petty officer, but Trump stepped in to restore his rank. Then Adm. Collin Green, head of the Navy SEALs, decided to launch a review board to consider yanking his Trident pin or kicking him out of the SEALs.

Trump intervened again on Sunday by ordering Pentagon Secretary Mark Esper to let Gallagher remain a SEAL. Esper also fired Navy Secretary Richard Spencer over his handling of the matter: Spencer had told Esper he backed the review but told the White House if Trump allowed the review, he would allow Gallagher to remain a SEAL.

Trump’s order ended a year-plus ordeal for Gallagher and his family.

Gallagher also thanked God: “He has been watching over my family and I, keeping us strong and humble throughout this fight.”

He thanked his wife Andrea, their children, and his little brother Sean: “You have fought tooth and nail for me from the beginning and it is because of you we have won this 2-year battle. You are my heroes.”

He thanked his legal team, whom he says has become like family: “Tim, Marc, Bernie we will be friends for life. Thank you for fighting by my side.”

To Reps. Ralph Norman (R-SC) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA): “You both went against the narrative that was being portrayed and spoke out for me. All of your advocating did not go unnoticed and paid off.”

To his friends: “You will have no idea what it meant to me when you took the time out of your weekends to come and visit with me. You are one loyal crew and I love you.”

To veterans who came to his aid: “Half face blades, Nineline apparel, forged, recon/sniper foundation, black rifle coffee company and Pete Hegseth … you are true patriots.”

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