Job Creators Network Hammers YouTube for Censoring Its Video Depicting Recent Riots

screenshot/Job Creators Network/YouTube

The Job Creators Network (JCN) slammed YouTube this week after the streaming giant censored the pro-small business nonprofit’s video, featuring rioting across the country. YouTube slapped an “inappropriate content” warning on the JNC video.

“YouTube’s decision to slap an inappropriate content restriction on our video depicting news footage of rioting shows Google’s left-wing bias. It amounts to censorship of opposing political opinions. YouTube does not treat left-wing videos that depict violent protests with similar warnings that depress view count and reach,” Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network, said in a statement.

The video that YouTube add the “inappropriate content” warning to is part of JCN’s Keep America America project. The 30-second spot, entitled “Is Your City Next,” shows several scenes of lawlessness and rioting in cities across America.

Watch below: 

“An inappropriate content warning does not stop the video from being viewed, but users must log in and click that they ‘understand and wish to proceed’ before viewing,” JNC said. “This warning prevents videos from being promoted, reducing their reach and view count. JCN notes how this censorship neither applies to left-wing videos that depict protest violence nor the original news videos from which the rioting clips are taken. JCN calls on YouTube to treat all political content fairly and without partisan bias.”

“YouTube and other social media platforms are this century’s ‘town square,’ and they should not censor based on political viewpoints,” Ortiz said in his statement. “They should uphold the values of free speech that are the basis of their revenue model and popularity. Social media’s widespread censorship of conservative views demonstrates society’s slide away from the values of free speech. President Trump should nominate a strong defender of the First Amendment to the Supreme Court to help reestablish this fundamental right of all Americans.”

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