GOP Memo Outlines Partisan Wish List in Biden Infrastructure Plan

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 09: U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg speaks during a daily press briefing at the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House April 9, 2021 in Washington, DC. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held the briefing to answer questions from members of the …
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The Senate Republican Conference released a memorandum outlining President Joe Biden’s partisan “infrastructure” wish list that will destroy the job market.

The memo details what the consequences of the wish list would mean for the American people, should the plan become effective. The “partisan plan” is set to “kill jobs” for hard-working Americans and will create a “slush fund” for the left at taxpayers’ expense, according to the memo. Some Democrats have made arguments that paid leave, child care, and caregiving are “infrastructure” and should be part of the package. The Republicans argue the “jobs plan” will really pose as a job killer, and the “infrastructure” will create a slush fund for the left’s wishes.

The memo outlined the Biden plan as an extremely partisan, “job-crushing slush fund,” noting only roughly five percent of the proposed $2.7 trillion bill has to do with actual infrastructure.

The memo shows the other roughly 95 percent is filled with a “wish list” of items like “non-infrastructure spending on failed Obama policies,” numerous expenditures to fill a slush fund for “Democrats’ pet projects without any accountability or transparency,” a Green New Deal-type plan of “expensive green energy mandates on Americans,” a “ban on the right to work,” and a “flurry of tax hikes that will to drive companies out of the U.S. and give China and Russia a say in the United States’ tax laws.”

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) released a recent study that determined one million jobs will be cut in the first two years of the tax hike plan. The study, conducted by Rice University, detailed long- and short-term damages to be the American economy that will be inflicted by Biden’s tax hikes and repeals of Trump’s pro-manufacturing policies.

In addition to the job cuts, the study also found gross domestic product (GDP) would be $117 billion lower by 2023, and ordinary capital, or investments in equipment and structures, would be $80 billion less in 2023.

Even CNN has authored a fact check on Biden officials, such as Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who are using the airwaves in an attempt to persuade the public on the plan. The fact check found administration officials have been falsely describing infrastructure jobs estimates. CNN went as far as to say the numbers Biden gave during his “sales pitch … [were] still pretty misleading.”

The Republican memo also cites a recent Harvard-Harris poll showing the American people are not in favor of Biden’s list of Democrat spending opportunities.

The poll showed, when it comes to infrastructure and wealth inequality, around 80 percent of “registered voters are very/somewhat concerned about wasteful spending being a large part of the new infrastructure bill.” Fifty-four percent are worried that “passing a new infrastructure bill will trigger rising prices for goods and services and a fiscal crisis for the country.” It also showed that 53 percent say “the costs of a new infrastructure bill outweigh the gains, so we should not spend taxpayer money on it.”

In the same poll, 64 percent of the public feels “infrastructure and wealth inequality are not related and should be dealt with at different times,” in addition to 56 percent believing “infrastructure and climate change are not related and should be dealt with at different times.”


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