Hirsh Singh: ‘Phil Murphy Is the Worst Governor in America Right Now’

new jersey Hirsh Singh

Hirsh Singh, a Republican candidate for governor in New Jersey, joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday to discuss the race and a new poll that shows him leading the GOP field for governor.

“This is going to be the first primary election since what happened in November 2020,” Singh said. “People across the country are watching to see what happens in New Jersey in this Republican primary to see if its going to push the party towards the America First agenda that President Trump pushed or if it’s going to go back to the days of RINO Republicans with Democrat leashes around their necks.”

Singh, whose parents emigrated to America from India, said he is “ahead, but just by a little bit in New Jersey.”

An internal poll obtained by the Daily Caller on Friday showed Singh leading the crowded field of Republican candidates who look to defeat current Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy. In a report on the poll, the Daily Caller noted:

Singh, an engineer and entrepreneur, led in the poll by just over 2 percentage points with 22.2%, which is within the margin of error. A former member of the New Jersey General Assembly, Jack Ciattarelli, who has a past history of criticizingformer President Donald Trump, came in second place with 19.9%.

A former real estate developer who is now a pastor came in third in the poll at 10.2%, 10 percentage points below Singh. The former mayor of Franklin Township, New Jersey Brian Levine polled at 3.2%.

Singh also said that Americans must “realize that the majority really approved of what President Trump did for this nation.”

“Phil Murphy is the worst governor in America right now,” Singh claimed. “We have the highest per capital deaths of any other state. Everyone’s looking into Cuomo, but if you look into Murphy it’s a lot worse.”

Singh also noted that one third of small businesses in New Jersey have become bankrupt as a result of Murphy’s failed leadership.

“I can get New Jersey to go 100 percent Republican in the governor’s race, as well as retake the state House where a lot of internal games are played,” Singh said, expressing that his message must get into inner cities so residents of New Jersey are aware of their options.

Singh also stressed the importance of volunteering and said Trump’s America First mentality must be delivered on a “street level.”

“We need to educate those Democrat machine areas and destroy the machine,” Singh said. “We really need to rebuild this populist grassroots movement with an America first agenda that is proud and prideful of our American values.”

For more information on Singh’s gubernatorial campaign, click here. To listen to Singh’s full interview with Breitbart News click here.

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