Nolte: Fauci, Partisanship, Lies, and Gimmicks Kill Biden’s Vaccination Push

White House Chief Medical Adviser on Covid-19 Dr. Anthony Fauci (C) looks on as US President Joe Biden (L) tours the Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, February 11, 2021. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Things are to a point now where most Americans wouldn’t buy a used car from Dr. Anthony Fauci, much less trust him to inject them with a vaccine created and distributed in record time. And I say this as someone who’s vaccinated and who hopes everyone follows suit.

His Fraudulency Joe Biden set a goal to have at least 70 percent of the country vaccinated by the 4th of July, a holiday he will undoubtedly use to smear America as racist, just as he did on Memorial Day and the anniversary of D-Day. After all, that would be one way to distract from failing to hit his 70 percent goal.

According to the far-left Washington Post things are bad and getting worse. The Post reported:

Thirteen mostly East and West Coast states have already vaccinated 70 percent of adult residents, and another 15 states, plus the District of Columbia, are over 60 percent and will likely reach Biden’s goal.

The rest are lagging behind. Tennessee and five other states are at 50 percent or below and vaccinating at such low rates that meeting the president’s threshold is very unlikely.

And vaccination rates continue to sloooowwwww…..

According to the Post, Biden’s first huge mistake (which I predicted at the time), the one that predictably killed the vaccination momentum, was His Fraudulency’s gob-smackingly stupid decision to temporarily pull the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for no valid, scientific reason.

Equally dumb was Biden’s decision to keep Dr. Anthony Fauci on as the face of the government’s coronavirus response. While the fake media can continue to try and own the Trumptards by pretending Fauci’s credibility has not suffered an implosion unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time, the American people no longer trust this guy. He’s political, not scientific. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth, adores being on TV, wants to be loved by everyone on TV, is an admitted liar, and puts his own ego and fame, not only above the truth but public health.

One day Fauci tells us masks are bad. Then, once the media start pushing them, he tells us masks save lives. But in his emails he says they’re useless. And when asked to explain himself by sycophant journalists, he claims the science on masks evolved but doesn’t explain how, and then attacks his critics as anti-science.

Worst of all was how Biden’s government and the disgraced CDC continued, through example after example, to show a lack of faith in the vaccine by refusing, for months and months, to allow the vaccinated to resume normal life. For months people were asking, If I’m vaccinated, why can’t I remove my mask and gather with others? And for months the government told us the vaccinated weren’t actually all that safe.

Watching that idiot Biden run around outside double-masked emphasized an anti-vaxx message like nothing else.

Meanwhile, Texas and Florida were states free of all coronavirus restrictions and doing no worse (and in many cases better) than the lockdown/mask states, a fact Biden and Fauci conveniently pretended didn’t exist.

Finally, and only after politically-damaging economic news rocked the White House, the mask and social distancing restrictions were lifted for the vaccinated.

As you can see, nothing about the Biden administration or the Cult of Fauci resembles a thru-line that in any way points to science driving the response. It’s all partisan politics, and the so-called vaccine-hesitant see that and it worries them.

So what’s the latest government plan? Treat us like we’re a bunch of rubes and morons. The vaccine-hesitant are now being bribed with beer and sports tickets –with bread and circuses.


On top of being condescending, who is that going to convince who’s held out this long?

The problem here is a very simple one. Because they’ve become so irredeemably dishonest and politicized, no one trusts the corporate media, the political establishment, or the scientific community anymore.

Nor should they.

Would you trust an institution that spent four years lying about Trump colluding with Russia, who tells you a man can magically transform into a woman, who blacklisted people who dared suggest the China virus was the result of a lab leak, who claim you’ll die in church but looting is healthy, who tell you not to go to church but cruises and political rallies are perfectly safe?

Would you buy a car from these assholes?

Would you allow them to inject something into your body?

I’ll say again I hope everyone does get vaccinated, and that they remember Trump was vaccinated, but who can blame the skeptics? I sure can’t.

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