Heritage Action Launches ‘Save Our Paycheck’ Tour to Highlight How Biden’s Policies Hurt Americans

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 20: U.S. President Joe Biden pauses while speaking at the start of a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House on July 20, 2021 in Washington, DC. Six months into his presidency, this is Biden's second full Cabinet meeting. The White House said …
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Republicans Sen. Rick Scott (FL) and Gov. Brian Kemp (GA) will be featured speakers as part of Heritage Action’s national tour in August and September to highlight how President Joe Biden’s economic policies are hurting Americans.

“President Joe Biden and Washington Democrats are leading our nation down an unsustainable path with their failed economic policies and reckless spending,” Scott said in the announcement on Tuesday of the tour. “Americans deserve better. The Democrats’ spending addiction has created an inflation crisis and their solution is to spend more and tax more.”

“And instead of focusing on getting Americans back to work and helping small businesses re-open, Democrats are insistent on paying workers more to stay home and rely on government assistance,” Scott said. “These policies don’t work, and we are seeing it every day.”

The “Save Our Paycheck National Tour” is in response to the “Biden-Harris Administration’s war on Americans’ pocketbooks,” according to Heritage.

Heritage, working with the Coalition to Protect American Workers, will “host state and national officials at local businesses across the country in a series of events aimed at exposing how disastrous President Biden’s policies have been for the American worker.”

“The tour will also highlight the personal testimony of business owners, American workers, and grassroots leaders most impacted by President Biden’s failed economic agenda,” the press release announcing the tour said.

“Thanks to Bidenflation and the Administration’s continued attacks on our pocketbooks, Americans are losing purchasing power every month — blue state lockdowns and Congress’ disastrous spending plans have led to higher taxes and higher unemployment,” Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson said of the tour. “The Save Our Paychecks tour will shed light on the American workers and businesses who have been left behind by the Biden Administration.”

Erica Kious, the former owner of the now-shuttered San Francisco Salon where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) got her hair done despite coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, will kick off the event on August 10 in Fresno, California.

“After owning a very successful salon in San Francisco for over ten years, my dreams and hard work came to an abrupt end,” Kious said. “I was ultimately forced to shut down by extreme leftist politics due to the exposure of Nancy Pelosi’s hypocritical actions in my salon relative to the mask policies surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.” 

“Americans need to know that the left is dedicated to destroying small business owners like me and hurting American workers—it’s time to save our paychecks.”

The Florida Politics website reported on the tour:

Scott has repeatedly hammered the Biden administration for big spending, noting the national debt as a major concern.

“President Biden’s silence on inflation is deafening, and his lack of leadership in the face of this serious threat is hurting people every day. Every increase in food, gas and household good prices, even increases of just a few cents, negatively impact families, especially low-income families and those on fixed incomes. For our nation’s poorest families, like mine growing up, rising prices are devastating — I know because I watched my parents struggle with inflation and putting food on the table when I was a kid,” Scott said, referencing his personal narrative in comments in May.

Scott, a former two-term Governor of Florida before getting elected to the Senate in 2018, expects people to come around to his way of thinking on these issues and for that mandate to become clear for Republicans in the midterms next year.

“It’s going to be a hell of a 2022,” Scott said during a call with reporters in June.

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