Etiquette Expert on Pandemic Thanksgiving: Get Vaccine Status, No Hugs Without Permission — ‘Give a Nice Air Kiss’

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The left-wing media’s obsession with coronavirus is now expanding to cover protocols dictating how people should “safely” gather for the holidays, including Thanksgiving on Thursday. The advice includes asking whether a chaste air kiss is the safest way to offer a greeting.

A host on taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) said on Weekend Sunday Edition that being near the unvaccinated can cause stress:

For a lot of us, vaccines mean we get to spend it with extended family and close friends. But what if your close circle includes people who are hesitant about the vaccine or who refuse to wear masks? That can make for stressful holiday planning.

NPR relied on the Swan School of Protocol in San Diego, California, and owner Elaine Swann, who said she knows seeking vaccine status can be awkward but that saying “safe” requires it.

“This year, it is quite different,” Swann said. “And there is a way that you can ask people about their status. Let’s say, for example, you’re doing a little bit of snooping around to kind of figure out who you should invite to your event. You can ask them in a way that’s not very direct. This way, people don’t feel as though they’re put on the spot. You can say something along the lines of, hey, what are your thoughts about the vaccine? Once you get that information, then you know whether or not you’re going to include them on your guest list.”

“Now, let’s say, for example, you say, I’m going to send out my invitations, but I’m going to create my standard,” Swann outlined. “This is where you can be very, very direct and tell people very specifically, I’m only inviting folks who have been vaccinated. Tell me, yes or no, have you had the vaccine?

The NPR host said she wants to hug her family but “not everybody is going to be that comfortable with it.”

“Before you go in for that big bear hug, stop yourself just a moment and say, are you hugging?” Swann said, urging permission be sought before a chaste kiss is offered “And ask them quickly.”

“And if they say no, respect their position and just step away and say, ‘Well, you know what? I am so glad to see you.’”

“And just give a nice air kiss,” Swann said, who added to have a “pivot” plan ready if things get heated during Thanksgiving conversations surrounding coronavirus and the vaccine.

“So my recommendation is for the host to make sure that before you open your front doors, that you have a great pivot – anything from, hey, we’re going to play a family game or we’re going to have everybody airdrop their photos from this last year so we can look at them on the big screen or we’re going to write something and put it in this basket for grandma,” Swann concluded.

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