Nolte: Harvard-Harris Poll Points to Political Realignment Against Extremist Democrats

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 24: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting with the White House Competition Council in the East Room of the White House January 24, 2022, in Washington, DC. Biden discussed efforts to lower prices for Americans laid out in his July 2021 executive order on …
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Harvard-Harris was one of the last reputable pollsters giving His Fraudulency Joe Biden a mid-40s approval rating. In their previous poll from early January, Biden sat at 45 percent approval with 51 percent disapproving. But their latest polling not only shows Biden’s job approval rating upside-down at 39 percent approve and 53 percent disapprove; the internals point to what I’ve been talking about for months — a political realignment.

Democrats are not just staring down the face of a Red Wave in the upcoming November midterms. They are facing a generational shift against the lunacy and abject failure of their own extremism.

It’s bad enough Democrat policies have delivered record inflation, open borders, and record COVID infections and hospitalizations, along with a spike in violent crime unseen since the 1970s…. But Democrats — along with their allies in the corporate media, Hollywood, Big Business, and Big Tech — have spent the last few years trying to violate human nature.

While Americans suffer through brutal gas prices, empty store shelves, anti-science COVID restrictions, and the overall unease brought on by all of this, Democrats, in a million different ways, have shown they do not give a damn about everyday Americans. Instead, the Democrats are solely focused on comforting illegal aliens, violent criminals, violent rioters, the radical extremists who want pro-racist propaganda and gay porn as part of school curriculum, and biological men who claim to be women so they can erase pretty much every accomplishment — from Jeopardy! to swimming — held by an actual woman.

I know many people are demoralized by these developments, but no matter how much the corporate media and social media attempt to gaslight Americans into thinking differently, this madness will not stand. A backlash that will realign politics for a generation is not only brewing; it has already begun. In 2021, Democrats lost in deep-blue New Jersey, were wiped out in deep blue Virginia, and a Republican city attorney beat the Democrat in crazy-blue Seattle.

I’m sorry, but you cannot pervert human nature, you cannot pervert people’s children, you cannot abuse people’s children, and remain a dominant political party. You just can’t.

Below are the numbers in the Harvard-Harris poll that show what’s already happening… A realignment to the political right is coming, and not for a single election season. Until the Democrats become sane again, which will be very difficult with an insane base, this is how the country will look…


  • Economy: 35-58
  • Foreign policy: 35-54
  • Stimulating jobs: 41-51
  • Immigration: 34-57
  • Handling coronavirus: 44-50
  • Handling violence and crime: 36-55
  • Inflation: 31-61
  • Only 47 percent believe Biden is mentally fit.
  • A full 61 percent believe he’s too old.

This next one is stunning…

Approve/Disapprove of Republican party: 48-52 or -4

Approve/Disapprove of Democrat party: 40-60 or -20

By a margin of 39-27 percent, respondents said the pandemic is getting worse.

Only 16 percent said they would vote for Joe Biden in the 2024 Democrat primary. That’s not a typo —An astonishing 84 percent would choose someone else.

Here are some favorability/unfavorable ratings:

  • Donald Trump: 47 – 44 percent… +3
  • Fox News: 46 – 37 percent… +9
  • Black Lives Matter: 42 – 44 percent… -2
  • CNNLOL: 41 – 42 percent… -1
  • Joe Biden: 39 percent – 53 percent… -14
  • Kamala Harris: 36 – 51 percent… -15
  • Hillary: 35 – 53 percent… -18
  • Nancy Pelosi: 32 – 54 percent… -22

When asked, “Who do you think has been a better president,” Trump beats Biden 53 to 47 percent.

When asked, “If the 2024 election for President were held today…” Trump beats Biden 46 to 40 percent.

When asked, “If the 2024 election for President were held today…” Trump beats Kamala Harris 49 to 39 percent.

In the generic congressional poll, the GOP beats the Democrats 53 to 47 percent.

Until the Democrats regain their sanity, this is their future. Even with billions and billions of corporate media and tech dollars propagandizing for them, this is their future.

Keep the faith and vote. Last November, Democrat Terry McAuliffe won more votes in Virginia than any other Democrat gubernatorial candidate in that state’s history, and Glenn Youngkin still beat him. Don’t let the media gaslight you. There are more of us than there are of them.


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