Dennis Prager on ‘Red-Handed’: Peter Schweizer ‘Is One of the Most Remarkable Investigative Reporters of Our Time’

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Dennis Prager lauded Peter Schweizer, author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, as “one of the most remarkable investigative reporters of our time” on Wednesday’s edition of the Dennis Prager Show.

Prager spoke with Schweizer about what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dubs “elite capture” – the procurement influence and leverage over U.S. elites through financial compromise.

CCP compromise of American elites in entertainment, industry, and politics is a “moral issue,” Prager determined.

“[it is] a gigantic moral issue to me,” he said. “It’s a moral issue. Supporting the Chinese Communist government is like supporting the Soviet Union.”

Red-Handed is  “self-recommending,” Prager stated, emphasizing his praise for the book’s investigative scope and depth.

Schweizer described the genesis of his investigation of the Biden family’s financial ties to China, which culminated in Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, and subsequently expanded into Red-Handed. He recalled:

I first wrote the Biden story in 2018. That they had business dealings in China. As we got access to the Hunter Biden laptop, to email collections of some of his business partners, it became clear that with Biden, this was just not a story about self-enrichment.

Red-Handed documents corruption beyond self-enrichment through political access and influence, Schweizer explained. He noted that financial dealings tied to the CCP add a layer of compromise in the realm of national security and undermining of governmental autonomy from foreign forces.

He remarked:

We traced back who actually made the deals happen in China for the Biden family, and what we found was that in each and every case, every known deal that the Bidens got in China is traced back to an individual who has ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence, meaning, the vice minister for state security and the minister for state security.

Prager and Schweizer examined the degree of bipartisan uniformity on questions of U.S. foreign policy towards China. Prager asked if “there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats with regard to helping China.”

Schweizer noted how the CCP targets and acquries both Democrats and Republicans with its “elite capture” influence operations.

 “There is very little [difference between] Republicans and Democrats that have commercial ties with China that give Beijing leverage over them,” he held.

Schweizer is president of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) and host of the Drill Down.


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