Seb Gorka: Bernie Sanders Isn’t Satisfied with Abortion Killing 40 Percent of the Black Population

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks at the Iowa Federation Labor Convention on August 21, 2019 in Altoona, Iowa. Candidates had 10 minutes each to address union members during the convention. The 2020 Democratic presidential Iowa caucuses will take place on Monday, February 3, 2020.(Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty …
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“Killing 40 percent of the black population in America in the womb isn’t enough for Bernie Sanders,” said Sebastian Gorka, host of America First and Breitbart News alumnus, in a Thursday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) expressed support to restrict human procreation — ostensibly to “curb population growth” — during Wednesday’s CNN-hosted “climate change town hall.”

Gorka said, “Killing 40 percent of the black population in America in the womb isn’t enough for Bernie Sanders. What should it be? Should it be 60 percent? Should 80 percent of all African-Americans conceived in this country be killed? Would that be enough? Should it be 90 percent, Bernie?”


Gorka linked Sanders’s call for government controls over population numbers with Margaret Sanger’s eugenicist vision

“This is where it gets frightening,” Gorka added. “When Dinesh D’Souza released his last film, he charts [and] does these chilling reconstructions of documented Nazi Party meetings — we have the minutes — in which key leaders of the Third Reich are praising Margaret Sanger, the progenitor of Planned Parenthood.”

Gorka continued, “In a meeting, they read out a letter from Adolf Hitler where Adolf Hitler says to the party, ‘We need to send a letter to Margaret Sanger in America praising her for her eugenics work.’ This is chilling. This is the end result of the philosophy of the left today, that Mother Gaia, that the lowly squirrel is more important than human beings. We’re overpopulated, therefore we need to kill more of them.”

Gorka highlighted Sanders’s framing of taxpayer funding for abortion as a humanitarian endeavor. Sanders also described abortion as a more valuable procedure for “poor countries” than America.

Gorka remarked, “When Bernie brings up that decision by the Trump administration, what he’s really saying is, ‘We need to make it easier for poor people to be aborted in the womb, for poor families to kill their children. If they’re brown if they’re dark-skinned, we need less of them.’ That should frighten every American of any skin color.”

San Francisco’s Tuesday declaration of the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a “domestic terrorist organization” — via resolution passed by the city’s board of supervisors — amounts to a dehumanization of political opponents, assessed Gorka.

“It is evil,” Gorka declared. “This is the fascinating, twisted nature of American politics today. We have one side that is doing what totalitarian regimes always do, which is to dehumanize the other. The party that speaks for tolerance, inclusivity, multiculturalism, openness to the other, that is the party that says five million innocent Americans — because they are members of an organization that stands up for the Second Amendment — must be treated as domestic terrorists.”

Gorka concluded, “This is the Minority Report. … The NRA has never called for crimes to be committed. Its members do not commit crimes. None of these mass shootings was done by a member of the NRA, but we must be dehumanized by the party that thinks humanity is the problem, especially the poor, and especially ethnic minorities. It is totally chilling to the marrow of your core.”

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