Bruce LeVell Previews Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black Economic Empowerment

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Bruce LeVell, executive director of the Trump National Diversity Coalition, previewed President Donald Trump’s forthcoming address outlining the administration’s Platinum Plan for Black Economic Empowerment in an interview on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

Trump is scheduled to deliver his remarks at 1:30 p.m. Eastern in Atlanta, GA, and LeVell said Trump will share his “comprehensive” four-year plan “in terms of his black initiatives.

Trump’s plan will include proposals for education, business, and criminal justice, LeVell shared. “We’re talking about opportunity, security, prosperity, and fairness,” he said of the themes of the president’s vision.


“The big thing that I like is the fact that he’s creating 500,000 new black-owned businesses,” LeVell stated. “That’s a key element. Most of the predominantly black communities are lacking the retail commodities, unlike other communities who more — from a Hispanic community or an Asian community — they own the retail commodities, whereas the black communities are lacking that.”

Trump’s plan will deal with “access to capital” and “opportunity zones” to assist black Americans in building businesses, LeVell added.

“From an identity standpoint, [Trump’s plan is] understanding the struggles in the past, not just totally forgetting about it, [and] making Juneteenth a national holiday,” LeVell remarked, “and getting behind the black farmers and access to healthy foods to address the food disparities.
Defending religious liberty is also a component of the Platinum Plan, Levell explained. “The black church is the pillar of the community,” he said, further describing the church as the “nucleus” and “backbone” of black communities.
LeVell said the Trump administration’s program will facilitate “public-private partnerships” in health care with a focus on illnesses disproportionately affecting blacks, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sickle cell anemia.
Both Marlow and LeVell lamented a lack of financial literacy across America, from nest practices in personal budgets to understanding credit scores.
“There’s no discussion growing up — there are no parts of education — about how important it is to have a good FICO score,” Marlow stated. “No one talks about balancing a budget. No one talks to you about what your pie chart should be for your paycheck. These are all fundamentals. … You would think that would be something a politician before Donald Trump would try to champion, but apparently not.”

LeVell highlighted the practical experience and personal investment of those involved in the president’s plan. He explained:

The great thing about the Platinum Plan is the fact that it has real advisory advice from real black Americans — working classes — not some folks in a cubicle in D.C. from a lobbying firm. I know for a fact they came from all across the country [and are] a lot of different people have skin in the game [and] life experiences that they were able to share.

LeVell added, “This is a really big game-changing, dream-changing deal. This is so historic.”

Levell emphasized the importance of local politics as a part of worthwhile civic involvement.

“The strongest power that you have in a community is paying attention to your grassroots,” Levell maintained. “Citizens should know their district attorneys, superior, state court, and probate judges, city councilors and mayors, state representatives and senators, and congressional candidates.”

Informed citizens can prevent and remedy the disconnection of local officials from their own communities, assessed Levell, warning of politicians beholden via financial support to distant “special interests” such as left-wing billionaire George Soros.

LeVell urged citizens to build political equity and investment in their communities by informing themselves of and participating in local politics. Disconnection between citizens and local officials, he concluded, leads to “chaos” and “unrest.”

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