Black Lives Matter

VIDEO: Justin Blake Declares ‘Black Economic Attack’ Against Kenosha Car Lot

KENOSHA, Wisconsin — Justin Blake, uncle of Jacob Blake who was shot by Kenosha Police Department officers during the summer of 2020, marched with protesters on Sunday and declared a “Black Economic Attack” on a local car lot he accused of working with a militia. Blake’s comments followed a verdict of not guilty handed down by the jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Justin Blake marches in Kenosha to "Black Economic Attack" on a car lot following the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

ABC’s Hostin: Rittenhouse ‘Wouldn’t Be Alive Now’ if He Was Black

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin said Monday on ABC’s “The View” that she believes if Kyle Rittenhouse were black, he would not be alive, much less acquitted of murder and other charges after he shot and killed two men and injured a third during a Black Lives Matter protest last year in Kenosha, WI.