Deafening Silence: CBS’s ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Won’t Acknowledge Bombshell Report Linking Fauci to Wuhan Lab After Praising Him as ‘America’s Most Trusted Doctor’

Stephen Colbert praised Dr. Anthony Fauci as “the voice of reason” and “America’s doctor” during a gushing interview in March on CBS’s The Late Show. Now Colbert and the network are choosing to stay silent about a recent bombshell report that calls into question Fauci’s sworn testimony before members of Congress.


Director Says MAGA Rallies Inspired Mass Death Scene on CBS Drama ‘The Stand’

“I watched MAGA rallies as a reference,” said director Vincenzo Natali explaining inspiration he drew from for a mass death scene in the finale of his version of Stephen King’s “The Stand” from Donald Trump’s campaign rallies. In the CBS streaming version of King’s often serialized book, villain Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård) presides over brainwashed followers and their debauchery inside a Las Vegas casino-hotel complex converted into a hedonistic cathedral for him and his acolytes.