Patton Oswalt Defends Performing with Dave Chappelle After Woke Backlash

Patton Oswalt has defended performing with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle in Seattle on New Year’s Eve, calling him a long-time friend and the “funniest [comedian] I’ve ever met.” But Oswalt also issued a caveat, assuaging triggered fans by saying he disagrees “100 percent” with Chappelle on the transgender controversy.

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Dan Aykroyd Supports Cancel Culture in Comedy: Offensive Material ‘Should Be Rightly Canceled for Its Hurtfulness’

By his own standards, Aykroyd would have to renounce some of his most famous performances and their lucrative residuals. They include the 1983 movie “Trading Places,” in which he appears in black face, and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” in which he famously used the phrase “Jane, you ignorant slut” to demean a woman during the “Weekend Update” segment.

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China Declares Stand-Up Comedy ‘Offensive Art’

Officials in Beijing on Tuesday imposed a hefty fine on the producers of a stand-up comedy show that was deemed “offensive” for unspecified reasons. It was the first case in which Beijing’s increasingly popular comedy scene was punished for content violations.

This photo taken on November 21, 2020 shows stand-up comedian Qiqi performing at a theatre in Beijing. - A new wave of young, female stand-up acts in China has crashed into what has always previously been a man's world, and benefiting from a surge of interest in stand-up in China …