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Video: Taliban Dump Barrels of Alcohol into Kabul Canal

The Taliban jihadist group published a video this weekend showing the arrest of alleged alcohol traffickers and Taliban jihadists doing away with what reports estimated was about 3,000 liters (660 gallons) of alcohol, the Afghan news outlet Khaama Press reported on Monday.

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Taliban Terrorists Write to U.S. Congress Asking for Money

The “foreign ministry” of the Taliban urged the United States Congress in an open letter published Wednesday to unfreeze Afghan government assets to allow them to govern effectively, asserting that they are a “united, responsible and non-corrupt government.”

Taliban fighters pose for a picture in front of a bakery at a market area in Khenj district, Panjshir Province on September 15, 2021, days after the hardline Islamist group announced the capture of the last province resisting to their rule. - Under late Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, the …

U.N. Working with Taliban to Offer Afghans Humanitarian Aid

Several United Nations agencies announced on Thursday that they had begun a nationwide humanitarian aid distribution campaign in Afghanistan, about a month after U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the organization was working in the country “with the cooperation of the Taliban.”

Burqa-clad Afghan women line up to receive food donation from the World Food Programme (WFP) in Kabul on April 17, 2008. International aid groups have stepped up food aid to more than two million Afghans in the wake of soaring prices of basic staples, officials said on April 16. Food …

Report: Taliban Making ‘Kill List’ of Gay Afghans

The executive director of an organization dedicated to helping LGBT individuals in dangerous states told France24 in an interview published Tuesday that the Taliban had organized a “kill list” of suspected LGBT people in Afghanistan and is widely distributing it among its jihadis in an attempt to execute all those identified.

In this Monday, Oct. 16, 2016 photo, Rameen, a young gay Afghan, poses with his back to the camera in Kabul, Afghanistan. To be homosexual in Afghanistan is to live in fear. Rameen and Naveed, another young gay man, have lost count of the number of times they've been lured …