Will Smith

Will Smith Feels Personally Responsible for Coronavirus Confusion

How many conversations during the coronavirus pandemic have begun with “Well, I watched I Am Legend 13 years ago so I’m having trouble figuring out what to do now?” Despite the answer, Will Smith is coming forward, apparently out of guilt, as the virus has all but shut down the U.S. economy, sparked international travel bans, and gripped the globe.


‘Gemini Man’ Review: Technology Killed the Movie Star

If you are determined to see a movie where a movie star fights himself, let me recommend 1991’s “Double Impact”; the tagline is “Double the Van Dammage!” and does not disappoint. Hey, it is what it aims to be, which cannot be said for “Gemini Man.”


Amazon Fires: How Hollywood Celebrities Are Spreading Misinformation on Social Media

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – Many high-profile figures seeking to denounce the fires in the Amazon — from Madonna and Cristiano Ronaldo to Leonardo DiCaprio and Emmanuel Macron — have unwittingly ended up misleading millions on social media, either sharing photographs of the region that are years old or images taken in other parts of the world.